What to do if your Child Experiences a Concussion

Sports Injuries and Chilhood Concussions


If your child plays sports, there is a chance they may experience a concussion at some point. That is, if they  haven’t had one already. What is a concussion? Well, a concussion occurs when a person experiences a blow to the head that causes a change in how their brain functions.
Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that your child hasn’t had one just because they didn’t lose consciousness following that sports injury. A loss of consciousness may not happen, and thesymptoms of a concussion may only last for less than 15 minutes, but there are steps that should be taken in case of a concussion.

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Post-Concussion Care

  1. Rest – The injured participant should come out of the game and sit on the sidelines for the remainder of the game, so the brain has time to heal. Not only should they not return to the game that day, they should not resume play as long as the symptoms continue
  2. Avoid repeat concussions – More concussions can cause brain swelling, brain damage, long-term disabilities, or death.
  3. Protect yourself – Whatever sport your child plays, it is important that they wear all available safety equipment for that sport. It is equally important to make sure that equipment is properly fitted and and maintained.
  4. Upper Cervical – Sometimes, when a person experiences a concussion, the brain may literally rattle around in the head. An upper cervical specialist will examine them to see if the collision caused a misalignment in their neck that could lead to further complications.

Of course, falls and accidents happen, and kids will be kids. But we know you want the best for your kid, and that’s why we’re confident that while kids may be kids, parents will be parents. Don’t let what is just a minor accident become more and take away their childhood.

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