The Rising Cost of Headaches in Schaumburg Illinois


Headaches are such a common condition that they result in upwards of 12 million doctor visits yearly with an astounding loss of $31 billion annually in costs and loss of productivity.  People who suffer with migraines and other chronic headaches, as well as their loved ones, understand the impact that a migraine headache can have on both their personal and professional lives.

A recent study revealed trends of ordering more imaging tests, such as CT and MRI, and less counseling on lifestyle changes that may be beneficial.  Oftentimes, people who suffer from migraines on a chronic basis become aware of specific things that can trigger an attack.  Examples of lifestyle changes that are recommended include keeping a migraine diary to track potential triggers, getting on a regular sleep cycle, and trying to manage stress appropriately.

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For people in the Schaumburg area looking for a natural approach to coping with their migraines, Dr. Jeremy Barone offers an alternative to symptom management.  Using upper cervical specific chiropractic care, Dr. Barone looks to the spine for the underlying cause of migraines.  While the exact cause of migraines remains a bit of a mystery to the medical world, more evidence is building that they are actually a disorder of the central nervous system.  Because proper spinal alignment is critical to the normal function of the nervous system, especially alignment at the top of the neck, many migraine sufferers are turning to upper cervical chiropractic as a means to regain their quality of life.

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