New Migraine Patch Treatment Just Another Patch On A Deeper Problem?


For the approximately 36 million people in the U.S. suffering with migraines, finding a treatment option that works can be a huge struggle.  Many of the available treatment options are geared towards reducing the severity of an attack once it has already begun.  Some treatments are aimed at preventing migraine attacks using different medications that often come with their own set of unwanted side effects and dependency issues.

A new treatment on the market for migraine sufferers is a battery-powered patch that speeds up the movement of medication through the skin in an attempt to rid migraine patients of the condition.  The patch is worn on the arm or the thigh and delivers a common generic migraine prescription drug – sumatriptan – through the skin.  The thought behind absorbing the medication through the skin rather than taking a pill is that some of the unwanted effects of the drug, such as nausea, might be avoided.

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These treatments may provide some relief for the millions of migraine sufferers, but the truth is that the symptoms are merely being covered up; the actual cause of the migraines remains unaddressed.  Dr. Barone, an upper cervical chiropractor and migraine specialist, looks to the top two vertebrae in the neck, which are frequently found to be the culprit in migraine cases.  When out of normal alignment, the C1 and C2 vertebrae can disturb normal blood flow and nervous system communication between the head, neck, and the rest of the body.  Dr. Barone uses a highly specific means of analysis and adjustment to restore normal alignment to the upper cervical spine.  When this normal alignment is maintained for longer and longer periods of time, which is the goal of upper cervical care, migraines often resolve due to the restoration of proper nervous system function.

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