Migraines and the Connection to Your Neck in Schaumburg, Il


One of the most common disorders of the human nervous system is headache. An estimated 46% of adults worldwide suffer from active migraines or other headache disorders.1 Migraines can be extremely debilitating for the many millions of sufferers, impacting their quality of life from their personal to their professional lives.

A recent report on CBS News from April 17, 2015 details a new approach to migraine treatment focused on the neck.2 The doctor involved in the study explains how the joints of the vertebrae in the neck can irritate the nerves that travel from the back of the neck to the head, thus triggering a migraine episode. In this procedure, a medical doctor uses X-rays to deliver an injection of a long-lasting anesthetic around the spinal joints in the neck. This serves to numb the nerve and block the pain at the root of the nerve to provide some temporary relief.

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Upper Cervical chiropractors have long since known about the connection between neck issues and migraines. Unlike the procedure mentioned above, upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Jeremy Barone provide natural relief of the pain of migraines, without the need for needles, injections, or medications. Dr. Barone uses a specific analysis to determine the exact nature of the misalignment present in the upper cervical spine, which consists of the top two bones of the neck. An adjustment to this area, delivered specifically for your unique misalignment, serves to restore normal alignment and allow for restoration of proper nerve function. The nerve irritation mentioned in the treatment above that involved direct injections into the joints of the cervical spine is allowed to resolve in a natural manner, providing drug-free relief for many who suffer from migraines.


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Natural Relief of Migraines in Schaumburg Illinois

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