How to Handle Migraine Triggers Naturally in Fall Weather

Fall is in the air, and besides just bringing cooler temperatures and shorter days, the shift in weather can also wreak havoc on people who suffer from migraines. For about half of people with migraines, the weather is a known trigger. It’s not exactly certain which part about the weather has such a dramatic impact on the presence of migraines, but those seasonal changes really do have the ability to provoke severe migraines.

Possible culprits in the shifting weather that can bring on migraines are numerous. It can be the change in daylight cycles, drop in temperature, changes in the wind or clouds, and different allergens present in the air. A lot of research points to changes in barometric pressure as the number 1 offender as a migraine trigger. Lightning has also been found to be a huge predictor of the onset of migraines – a 2013 study showed that when there is a lightning strike within 25 miles of a person’s home, their migraine risk increases by 28%!

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Why might one person be totally unaffected by these weather changes and another develops a crippling migraine? The answer may lie within the brain and nervous system, and how the body and brain perceive pain. While the mechanisms aren’t completely understood, changes in weather can trigger pain pathways in the brain that bring on a migraine attack. Migraine expert Dr. Barone understands how important it is to keep the pathways between the brain and body functioning optimally. In his upper cervical chiropractic practice in Schaumburg, Dr. Barone works with migraine patients to uncover the root cause of their migraines and why they might be unable to adapt to certain changes in the weather.

Dr. Barone works specifically to bring realignment back to the upper two vertebrae in the neck. These two bones, the atlas and axis vertebrae, are responsible for providing protection to the brainstem. However, even a slight misalignment in this area can cause a disturbance in the normal function of the brain-body communication system. Working gently to realign the spine back to normal, Dr. Barone is able to help migraine sufferers to get to the bottom of their migraines naturally, no matter what the weather may bring.

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