Headaches in Children in Schaumburg Illinois


As adults, we have likely experienced the effects of a headache at one time or another.  Something we may not
think about, however, is that kids get migraines and headaches too.  Of adults who continue to suffer from headaches, 20% say that their headaches began before the age of 10, and 50% say that the onset of their headaches occurred before the age of 20.  In fact, by age 15, 5% of all children and adolescents have had migraines, and 15% have had tension headaches.1

A number of factors can contribute to children developing headaches or migraines.  Genetic predisposition can play a role.  Migraines are particularly known to run in families.  Kids’ headaches can also be triggered by trauma, illness, emotional factors, or dietary choices.Headaches in children are often treated with over the counter pain releivers, including acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil).  In more severe cases, or if over the counter medications fail to relieve the pain, prescription medications may be recommended.1

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For parents who are hesitant about giving their children medications each time they have a headache, especially if their child had more frequent headaches, there is a natural alternative.  Upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Barone understand that there is an underlying cause to headaches, and that addressing the cause is preferable to merely addressing the symptoms.  A misalignment of the top two vertebrae of the spine is oftentimes the root cause of many headache types in children.  This misalignment can happen as a result of the birthing process, or from slips and falls that all kids inevitably have.  Dr. Barone uses a gentle technique to correct this misalignment, and adjustments are given only when necessary.  If you are seeking a natural approach to your child’s headaches in the Schaumburg area, Dr. Barone can assess for and correct the underlying cause.

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