Brain Fluids and Migraines in Schaumburg Illinois


The right amount of blood and cerebrospinal fluid flowing from your brain to your body is very important to the health and function of your body. When those fluids are not able to travel from a person’s brain to their body via the brainstem that can lead to an irritation that manifests itself as migraines.

When the upper neck vertebrae, or the top two vertebrae in the neck, are out of alignment by even ¼ of a millimeter, that misalignment can result in the improper flow of cerebral blood and cerebrospinal fluid. There is no conclusive proof of the cause of migraines, and there may very well be more than one cause, but damage to your upper cervical spine due to a previous accident may be a factor in your sudden migraines.

Though, even if you haven’t experienced migraines as a result of that accident, that doesn’t mean you won’t. They may not manifest themselves for weeks, months, or even years after the accident. You might even be tempted to think that they never will because you were only hit from behind at a very slow speed, or you weren’t hit in a car accident.

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Whiplash and Migraines

Well, one of the underlying causes of migraines may very well be whiplash, and whiplash can occur at a rate of only 5 MPH. That means a person who suffers this injury, which is the overextension of the neck ligaments, can sustain it because of a fall, sports related injury, or other collision.

There are many factors that can lead to that misalignment in the upper neck due to whiplash; though, there is no way to tell if your migraines are the result of a misalignment in your upper cervical spine unless you have your neck examined by an upper cervical chiropractor, so they can check for any misalignments.

Realigning Your Spine

If the upper cervical chiropractor finds an upper neck misalignment they will correct that misalignment with a precise upper cervical corrective procedure. This will allow your brain to communicate with your body properly. Once your body begins to come back into a normal alignment your body is able to receive the proper fluid, migraine headaches will frequently reduce or be eliminated completely.

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