Headaches in Children in Schaumburg Illinois

As adults, we have likely experienced the effects of a headache at one time or another.  Something we may not think about, however, is that kids get migraines and headaches too.  Of adults who continue to suffer from headaches, 20% say that their headaches began before the age of 10, […]



When Exercise is a Real Pain in the Head and causes headaches

In many instances exercise is a good way for people with headaches and migraines to cope, but for some, exercise may actually trigger a debilitating headache.  Exercise headaches, sometimes called exertional headaches, occur during or after sustained or strenuous exercise.1  Some activities associated with exercise-induced headaches include weightlifting, cycling, running, and rowing. A primary […]


A Natural Treatment Option for Migraine Sufferers in Schaumburg IL

For the estimated 45 million people worldwide1 suffering from migraines, discovering treatment methods that can not only ease the pain from an episode already in progress, but can also prevent future attacks is extremely important.  Oftentimes, migraine sufferers can only hope that their medications will be effective and cut short […]

Natural Relief of Tension Headaches in Schaumburg Illinois

Tension headaches are an extremely common condition across the U.S., with a reported 3 million cases occurring each year.1  Tension headaches are often referred to as “stress headaches” and are characterized by mild to moderate band-like pain around the forehead or at the back of the head and neck.  Tension headaches can be episodic, occurring […]


New Migraine Patch Treatment Just Another Patch On A Deeper Problem?

For the approximately 36 million people in the U.S. suffering with migraines, finding a treatment option that works can be a huge struggle.  Many of the available treatment options are geared towards reducing the severity of an attack once it has already begun.  Some treatments are aimed at preventing migraine attacks using different medications […]